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Costa Maya: A Tourist Alternative on the Mexican Caribbean

The Costa Maya (Mayan Coast) project, a sort of a corridor that stretches from Pulticub, in the state of Quintana Roo, to Majahual, has become an alternative to the development of the tourism industry in the Mexican Caribbean region.

In a zone that is full of attractive archeological sites, kilometers of pristine beaches and lagoons connected to the sea by channels, Costa Maya treasures memories from ancient times, when it was a center of intense commercial activity and canoes navigated on its rivers and channels coming from and going to big coastal and lakeside cities.

Conceived as an eco-archeological tourism project that combines culture, sports and adventure, the Costa Maya project covers an area of 19,400 hectares along a 45-km beach strip.

Of that area, 25 percent consists of urban projects, 15 percent has been devoted to tourist development and the remaining 60 percent is an ecological reserve featuring great attractions for nature lovers.

Benefited by a privileged location in a pristine environment, the Costa Maya corridor offers excellent conditions for beach activities, nature tourism, fishing, scuba diving, underwater photography and excursions, among other alternatives.

Among the tourist attractions of the Costa Maya corridor are countless beaches and coral reefs of incomparable beauty, inner lagoons and "cenotes" (freshwater sinkholes) located in the heart of the jungle, very close to the coastline.

Road to the beach.
View of the coast.

The region's attractions include Xcalak, an ancient fishing port south of Costa Maya and famous for its natural treasures and centuries-old history, a combination that visitors will never forget.

In addition, the town of Majahual has benefited from the development of an infrastructure consisting of docks for cruise ships, an excellent road network and small hotels and cabanas.

As a complement, the so-called Banco Chinchorro, a coral atoll that covers an area of some 800 square kilometers and ranks as the largest in Mexico, is located 30 kilometers from the coast. Banco Chinchorro is part of the Mesoamerican Coral Barrier, which is the second largest in the world.

The region's singular coral structure creates a lagoon that is 2-8 meters deep. It is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling due to its rich fauna.

Algae, sponges, winkles and multicolor fish live together with beautiful coral species like staghorns, columns, brains, stars and leaves, in addition to turtles, dolphins and manta rays.

Three small islets in the lagoon - Cayo Centro, Cayo Norte and Cayo Lobos - are ideal places to watch migratory and endemic birds, in addition to the existence of sunken ships that ran aground in the reef centuries ago.

That way, Costa Maya has gained ground as another option for tourism in the Mexican Caribbean region, where natural attractions are closely linked to traditions from ancient civilizations.

Granma Memorial

Calle Refugio No. 1 e/ Monserrate y Zulueta

La Habana
Xcalak y Majahual
Attractive Landscapes

Quintana Roo
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