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Province Holguín

The city of Gibara, located in the northern coast of the province of Holguin, has in its guarantee a story close to the two centuries and known as the Villa Blanca. His name comes up to our days of native word “Jibá”, with a rich history and culture of their own chord to the lineage of its foundation, accompanied by a beautiful and exuberant landscape. ,

In it environment, the city makes available to visitors and local inhabitants the contrast of its architectural heritage with the environment, in addition to being Gibara one of the first points appreciated by Admiral Christopher Columbus to the sighting Cuban soil. ,

On 16 January 1817, under a solemn ceremony was placed on Punta de Yarey, on the shores of the Bay, the first stone of the fortification, a date that has always been considered as the foundation date of the locality. Likewise, the foundation of the port which favored its economic splendour, which turned the town into the second walled town of Cuba, as it necessitated the construction of military fortifications for the protection of the villa of the attacks of privateers and pirates. In 1853 was inaugurated the parish church of San Fulgencio, which fixed, according to the criteria of some experts, a milestone in the architectural styles predominant in Gibara until that time. ,

For connoisseurs, its architecture combines the centuries XIX, XX and XXI, with important exponents decade one. In effect, its historic center preserves more than 50 per cent of heritage in good condition, for which in 2003 was declared a National Monument. The city has a main park, named "Calixto García Iñiguez" and old Plaza of Arms of the villa, in whose center presents a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty, which was obtained through the popular collection of funds and entrusted to Italian sculptors. This piece is dedicated to the entry, on 25 July 1898, of the troops for independence to the command of Colonel Cornelio Rojas, symbolizing the liberation from the yoke of Spanish. ,

As sites to highlight are the Park of the Mothers and the Culture Plaza, joined to exponents of the architectural whole that distinguish the villa as the Museum of Decorative Arts, installed on the top floor of one of the most significant domestic constructions of the neoclassical style of the locality. The institution has one of the most important collections of its kind in the country and holds the stained glass windows of half a point of the Cuban east largest, in addition to the Parish Church and the old headquarters of the Spanish Casino. ,

Just four tens of kilometers away from the city is Bariay, the point where Columbus landed on 27 October 1492, become the symbol of the encounter between the cultures of the Old and New World with a set of sculptures nestled in a beautiful natural environment. For lovers of the beaches, Gibara complements its attractions with the so-called the Caletones and Los Bajos, this last with access through ferrys.

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Encanto Arsenita 4
Encanto Ordoño 4
Iberostar Heritage Gibara 4
Battery of Ferdinand VII
Historic Sites
Plaza de la Fortaleza
Gibara. Holguín
Museum of Decorative Arts
Calle Independencia No. 19, altos, e/ Luz Caballero y J. Peralta
Gibara. Holguín
Gibara "Unión Club" Colonial Theatre
Places of Interest
Calle Sartorio No. 5 e/ Peralta y Luz Caballero
Gibara. Holguín
San Fulgencio de Gibara Parish Church
Churches-Places of Cult
Calles Independencia, Martí, Sartorio y Luz Caballero
Gibara. Holguín
Museo Ambiente Cubano
Calle Independencia No. 19 e/ Céspedes y J. Peralta
Gibara. Holguín
Spanish Casino
Places of Interest
Calle Luz Caballero No. 22 e/ General Soriano e Independencia
Gibara. Holguín
Museo de Historia Natural "Joaquín Fernández de la Vara"
Calle Maceo No. 12 e/ Martí y Luz
Gibara. Holguín
The Walls of Gibara and the Barracks Ruins
Historic Sites
Zona oeste de la ciudad
Gibara. Holguín
Museo Municipal de Gibara
Calle Independencia No. 19, bajos, e/ Céspedes y J. Peralta
Gibara. Holguín

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