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Bacunayagua: A Necessary Stopover on the Road

The Bacunayagua Bridge, which has become an indispensable connection on the road that links the province of Havana with the wold-famous coastal resort of Varadero, complements its breathtaking structure with the region's exuberant nature and the round-the-clock services of a lookout.

The establishment, run by the chain RUMBOS, is located in an area where Man's work blends with the natural environment to provide an excellent atmosphere for rest and leisure.

Located on a small hill, "El Mirador" (The Lookout) gives visitors the chance to enjoy, in all its magnitude, the Bacunayagua Bridge, which marks the traditional border between the provinces of Matanzas and Havana, both in western Cuba.

According to experts, the bridge, which is listed among Cuba's seven wonders of civil engineering of all times, is 110 meters high and was built between 1956 and 1960.

Transit on this segment of the road take many travelers by surprise with a landscape where birds fly below the level of vehicles, while the majestic figures of royal palm trees look like small bushes from the heights.

That panorama can be better viewed from the balconies of El Mirador, from where visitors can enjoy the entire splendor of the Yumurí Valley, whose landscape ranges from the blue sea to the typical Cuban countryside, depending on which side of the bridge you are looking at.

The environment's potentialities provide excellent conditions for trekking, as part of a tourist program that has become an additional option for vacationers interested in exploring every segment of Cuba's geography.

In that regard, the offer of Bacunayagua's Mirador includes a two-kilometer tour, during which visitors can take a close look at specimens of 70 species of plants and animals.

In addition to all this, vacationers can go rowing or take long walks to the seashore, as well as enjoying different dishes of Cuban cuisine, while they watch a typical country music show.

There are many short-term projects, including an optional package with accommodation in Varadero or the City of Havana, tours of the city of Matanzas - also known as Cuba's Athens - and horse-riding excursions to the Yumurí Valley, concluding with a typical Cuban lunch.

However, El Mirador is already famous, among the thousands of vacationers who visit the establishment, for its "pina colada", which has been prepared for over four years using fresh natural ingredients.

The number of tourists who make a stopover at El Mirador - in common agreement with travel agencies - has increased over the past few years. They come to know the place and taste its excellent cocktail, which can be modified according to the customer's taste by adding Cuban rum. All this takes place amid the breathtaking landscape surrounding the establishment.

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