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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: New Tourist Options

Cuba, a tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean, has a portfolio of leisure options characterized by the diversity of its natural attractions, and its historical and cultural values which complement the tourist industry in the country.

The sun and beach programs are the island´s main attraction, supported by dozens of kilometers of excellent beaches with warm and crystal-clear waters which invite to diving activities.

It is important to mention that the Cuban archipelago is composed of two main islands, some small ones and about 4,100 keys which are emerged lands from an underwater island shelf with an extension of 70,000 square kilometers.

In this sense, new options such as tourist circuits allow rediscovering the country through excursions including in one tour many attractions (culture, nature, nautical activities and meetings).

The abovementioned tourist circuit option includes the so-called “Rutas y Andares” (Routes and Paths) which is well established in the market and offers an opportunity to get familiar with Cuban history, architecture, traditions and customs of Havana´s historic heart.

Close to 140 buildings, located in this area, date back to the 16th and 17th centuries; 200 more are from the 18th and over 460 were built in the 19th century, thus shaping up a very attractive combination for the most demanding tastes.

Center for the Development of Visual Arts
Santa Isabel Hotel. Façade
City Museum

In addition, Cuba has about 120 art galleries, antique shops, plastic art exhibition halls, nearly 260 museums and more than 80 theaters for the most diverse cultural manifestations.

Circuit tourism in the island is supported by and infrastructure close to 340 facilities with a combined number of more than 60,500 rooms.

Also, there is a network of private houses for rent which contributes about 7,000 capacities to the lodging potential existing in the country.

Cuba currently works in the development of 16 tourist regions in different areas of the archipelago, and in 14 national parks in natural environments such as the Ciénaga de Zapata, the largest swamp in Cuba, and the Alejandro de Humboldt Park in a tropical forest environment.

Tours are also complemented by ten sites which have been given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO and 257 national monuments.

Visitors may also select their own itineraries and decide how many nights they want to spend on a certain destination; this option is supported by discounts at restaurants from the Palmares extra hotel service group.

Natural reserves, biosphere reserves, natural landscapes and protected areas make up a vast offer network characterized by its richness, excellent preservation and unique features which distinguish the region.

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