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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba's Tourism Industry Grows

The Cuban tourism industry, able to set new high standards in revenue and visitors, faced in the last quarter of the year an increased influx of visitors.

After the end of the summer season, the Cuban leisure industry prepares for the traditional increase in the numbers of tourists that characterize this stage, known as high season and extending into the early months of next year.

The key to this behavior is in the climate of Cuba, which contrasts with the low temperatures that accompany winter in the northern hemisphere, as well as allowing the enjoyment of the clear waters that surround the country.

Airports, hotels, recreation facilities, car rental companies and travel agencies combine to absorb the increasing flow of tourists.

Destinations such as the Cuban capital, rich in traditions, architecture and culture, are among those preferred by visitors due to the existence of a wide variety of hotels along the coast.

Furthermore, the existence of thousands of rooms is complemented by an extensive infrastructure of leisure centers for shows, sports activities, shops and restaurants, where gastronomy has undoubtedly a special place.

Bellamar Cave
Wall in Bellamar Cave
Museum of Fine Arts. Universal Art

The promotional strategy includes actions in the most diverse scenarios, from America to Europe and Asia, coinciding with the start of the so-called high season for the island, which extends to the first quarter of next year.

Usually, the spread of tourist offers with the presence of hotel chains, airlines and tour operators specialized in the market of the largest Antillean Island.

Cuba received more than two million visitors in the first half of 2016, an increase of 12 percent over the previous year, where Canada is maintained in this period as a first tourist-sending country to the island, followed by the US, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany.

As an outstanding element, stands the increased presence of Americans covered by the licenses granted by the US administration in 12 specific categories.

Added to this is the beginning of regular flights between the US and Cuba, which creates conditions for greater influx of travelers, to which new links are added from various destinations in the world.

Under those conditions, expanding the capabilities of hosting remains among the priorities of the sector entities, especially those required to meet the growing demands of city tourism.

In this direction, a policy that includes the construction of several hotels and other repair in the capital and in other Cuban cities is active, which will improve the conditions for possible future growth.

The island rents more than 62,000 hotel rooms to which must be added this year about 13,000, with the medium-term

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