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Cuba: A Rolling Museum on the Streets

The modernity of the automotive scene gains space in the Cuban environment, accompanied by the history of thousands of old vehicles that turn the streets of the island into a true rolling museum.

The wide range of cars includes models such as Ford 1930, Crown Victoria 1955 or Thunderbird 1957, in addition to Cadillac, Mercury Monterrey, Lincoln Continental, Plymouth Fury and Chevrolet Impala, among others, just to name a few.

Throughout Cuba, classic cars can be found in an enviable state, in their vast majority with a family history enriched at least for 40 years.

In the course of the 20th century, the roads of Havana, especially the Havana Malecon (Seafront Drive), served as the headquarters for traditional car races, accompanied by spectacular and tragic accidents and events related to the history of the island's independence process.

In the long way in the history of automobile transport in the country is the footprint of thousands of vehicles in its streets, many with more than 60 years in their backs, and that they appear before the passers-by national and foreign- in its entire splendor.

That is one of the mysteries with which foreign visitors stumble upon arriving in the country, because almost no one explains the miracle of those drivers and owners to keep in their original conditions cars whose parts are no longer made.

Vintage Car - 1925 Chevrolet
Entrance to Parque Central Hotel.
Portals in town of Remedios

The reality is simple; the owners attend to their cars as a kind of creature, give them the strictest care and react to any anomaly, all valid to preserve a heritage that already occupies its place in Cuban history.

Even for tourism, along with the modern cars of the most diverse companies of world-wide reputation, they operate entities like the division of old cars Grand Car, whose members can be seen in the hotels, attentive and proud of their endorsement waiting for the clients.

Modern life imposes its rhythm, more and more vehicles of recognized brands -Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Hyundai, BMW, Audi, Citroen and Toyota, among others- are observed in the vials of the country, in accordance with the needs of the tourism and of the national economy.

However, classic cars retain their positions and as part of the programs to highlight their qualities are organized periodic parades and already on several occasions a kind of race that links Havana with the Varadero seaside resort.

In addition, tours in convertible cars are an almost obligatory element in any recreational program for foreign visitors in the country.

The growing flow of international visitors and the regular arrival of cruise ships are a challenge for older cars, taking into account the demand generated by these activities.

For the moment, the ingenuity of the Cubans keeps vehicles in operation for more than 60 years, even with an appearance very similar to that of a newly manufactured car.

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