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1830 Restaurant: A Gastronomical Heaven by Havana's Malecón

The dynamic development of tourism in the largest Antillean island in the past few years have generated the resurrection of hotels, villas and inns everywhere, among the most popular lodging facilities for foreign visitors.

At the same time, the existence of thousands of rooms is complemented with a strong tourist infrastructure for cultural shows, sports activities, commercial establishments and restaurants, where gastronomy undoubtedly plays a relevant role.

In that context, the 1830 Restaurant stands out at the western end of Havana's Malecón, with the conditions necessary to become soon a flag center of Cuban cuisine.

The building's history dates back to the 19th century, when the fame of the Arana Restaurant spread throughout the city, thanks to its gastronomical specialties: rice with chicken and cod and vegetable dish.

The 19th century's construction boom led to the transformation of the restaurant into the La Mar Hotel, built with brick and tiles, where an altar marked the end of the processions of the Lady of Carmen, which left from the Carmelo Church.

By the late 1920s, a residence called Villa Miramar was built in the area. It was leased and eventually bought in the 1950s by the Currais family, who embarked in the restoration of the building to turn it into a branch of the La Zaragozana Restaurant under the name 1830, the year in which the former was founded.

Beautiful iron railings, stained-color glasses and balconies of turned precious wood of neoclassic style welcome visitors who bet on the restaurant to discover the most exquisite dishes of Cuban and international cuisines.

The 200-seat 1830 Restaurant provides specialized offers in its several rooms, which can be turned into reserved areas for most significant occasions.

The second floor houses the Green, Blue and Imperial rooms. The latter, which sits eight customers, is the smallest one and is dedicated to protocol activities, special lunches and business dinners.

The Red, Tropical and Gold rooms, as well as a sitting room called Violet, complemented with the Colonial Bar in the mansion's former library, are located on the ground floor.

The 1830 Restaurant's services benefit from a varied offer of world-famous liquors, wines, chocolates and first-class Havana cigars to complete an excellent meal.

The restaurant's varied options also include the Jardines del 1830 Cabaret, which provides lunch services and musical shows for the most demanding tourists who bet on this place to have an excellent time.

The outdoor areas are linked by a small cliff of stones and sea shells to a Japanese island called Koisima, which has been decorated with marine motives and is an ideal place for private celebrations.

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