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Centro Gallego-Great Theater of Havana
Places of Interest
Paseo del Prado e/ San Rafael y San José. Centro Habana. La Habana
It was inaugurated in 1914 and the author was the Belgium architect Pool Berriv.

In this place was located the old Tacón Theater, one of the most luxurious theaters in the Americas. The theater was named after Captain General Miguel Tacón, who in collaboration with a trader known as Francisco Martí started its construction in 1834 and opened it on July 15 of 1838. The theater was as spacious and well furnished as the best European places of its kind.

The Centro Gallego is the oldest one of all mutual Spanish Associations in Cuba. It was founded in 1872 and was purchased together with the surrounding area for the construction of the Social Palace in 1906. It was built resembling the neo-rococo style and it took as a model the European rococo construction style, which is the reason for the abundance of sculptures and engravings in stone. There are on its main façade four groups of sculptures in white marble, which represent allegories to charity, education, music and theater; all of which are the work of Joseepe Moran.

All elements, balconies, windows, cornices, the proportion of its towers and the unity of the moldings were placed in a very balanced way, giving it an elegant rhythm.

The theater was built within a beautiful building and for many years it was the largest and most luxurious one in the country. As a continuation of its tradition of Excellencies, Important Personalities of the Opera and Ballet, Musical Plays and Zarzuela, many have paraded through its stage.

This building is currently a complex made of several halls, out of which the main one was named after the famous Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. This theater is also the venue of the Cuban National Ballet.

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